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Tow Truck Service in California

We at Empire Towing have been so proud to offer tow truck service in California for our valued customers. Our team is also focused towards handling and treating your vehicle with care. With our expert drivers, we can get your vehicle towed from one place to another. We will also tow your vehicle back to a repair shop, when needed.

You can really be so sure to get the best towing service at the most reasonable price. That is our main priority to help you out ease your issue with your vehicle. Call us now if you need us to tow your vehicle at any time of the day or night!

Expert Flatbed Towing

If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, we can help you out with our flatbed towing service. This service is designed to give you the convenience you need after your vehicle is stuck in the road. The best thing about our service is that it is available twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.

Our company owes our success to expert staffs we employ and who really love what they do. With our knowledge and years of experience in the towing industry, we can offer to you our service right away. Our mission is to give the best flatbed towing service to our customers. You only need to depend on our staffs who can come at your place in just thirty minutes or less.

That is why we suggest you call us at Empire Towing immediately!

Money-Saving Medium Duty Towing

At Empire Towing, we assure you that you will save money and time the moment you entrust your vehicle to us. We have medium-duty tow truck in California that can tow it right away when you need it. Our medium duty tow trucks can tow all medium-duty vehicles which is why you really need not to hesitate calling us.

One more thing is that these are equipped with wheel-system and modern design. These can service a lot of vehicles that include breakdown assistance, small fleet vehicle towing, delivery truck towing, cut-away vehicles and more.

Reliable and Prompt Light Duty Towing

Locally operated and owned, we at Empire Towing] are ready provide you with a reliable and prompt light duty towing service throughout California. Our assurance is that you will get damage-free and stress-free towing.

That is why we suggest you call us immediately for the best light-duty towing service!

Best Wheel Lift Towing

When you need us to perform wheel lift towing in California, we can do our best to offer it to you. This is the best method for a specific circumstance of your vehicle. Our team of experts can dispatch the right tow truck and equipment to successfully do a wheel-lift towing.

We suggest you call us right away for the best wheel lift towing service. You are assured to get the best assistance with regard to your wheel lift towing needs. There is no need to hesitate to call us when you need us for a tow truck in California.

Call us right away at Empire Towing today!


What We Do

Jumpstart Service

We at towing Los Angeles CA will assess the situation and will inform you of what needs to be done.

Motorcycle Towing

Just like cars, motorcycles needs towing too. At Empire Towing we just got the right towing for you.

Medium Duty Towing

When cars are the problem, you can depend on our tow trucks to give you the assistance you  need.

Winch Out Service

Using the right tow truck and technology, Towing Los Angeles CA can safely pull all manner of vehicles to safety.

Auto Recovery Service

Our technicians are trained to even work under severe weather conditions, allowing fast extraction of your car.

Car Lockout Service

Towing Angeles CA can safely unlock your car and make sure no damage is done to your car’s security system to help you.

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